Academic Attire and Scroll

The following information is for graduands are includes information of dress code for the convocation and convocation rehearsal sessions.

  1. Academic Attire : Graduands must wear complete graduation attire (gown, hood and mortarboard) for the ceremony.
  2. Graduand Dress Code:
    1. Male : dark trousers, shirt and tie.
    2. Women : presentable attire for official functions.
  3. Guest Attire: Lounge suit, national dress, batik or office attire

Reminders: Please dress neatly and appropriately. However, the following are strictly not allowed:

  • Tight-fitting attire
  • Slippers and sandals
  • T-shirts
  • Jeans and shorts

FTMS has the right to refuse entry to any graduand who is not appropriately dressed.