My family would like to attend the Convocation. What do I need to do?
Any graduating student who has family wishing to attend should register their attendance with marketing or student services department and make any necessary payment.
Am I guaranteed all the tickets that I request?
How many people attend Convocation?
Approximately 2000. This includes graduates, guests, and FTMS college Staff.
Who is in the platform party?
The platform party is composed of our Guest of Honour, Senior Representatives from the Universities and Senior Management from FTMS.
What are 'hoods', who wears them, and what role do they play during the ceremony?
The hood is one of three items that comprise your academic attire (the other two are the robe and mortarboard or tam). The different colours of the ‘hoods’ indicate the qualification that you have been awarded. All candidates must wear complete academic attire (robe, hood, mortarboard) in order to participate in convocation.
What are the processional and recessional?
Graduates process (or march) into the Auditorium and take their allotted seats. The platform party will then enter the Ballroom and take their seats on the stage. The recessional occurs at the end of the program. Once the recessional music begins, the platform party rises and exits the stage.
Where are graduates seated during the ceremony?
Seating is allocated by qualification for graduates. You will be informed of the seating arrangement during the briefing and rehearsal.
May graduates leave with their family and friends after receiving their scroll?
No. You and your family and friends are expected to remain in the auditorium until the platform party have left and all formal photograph sessions have been completed.
Will guests (and graduates) be permitted to take photographs?
Guests (and graduates) are permitted to take both still (with flash) and moving digital images during the ceremony. However these must not obstruct the official photographers in taking their photos or the taking of the official video.
How should my cap be worn?
The cap should be worn so that the mortarboard is level. It should not be cocked to the back or side of the head. The crown should be approximately one inch above the eyebrow. The gowning company staff will assist in enduring the cap is worn correctly.
Should the cap be removed anytime during the graduation ceremony?
How do I wear the tassel?
The tassel is worn initially on the left upon graduating the tassel is moved across to the right. 
Are you wondering what is the difference between 'graduation' and 'convocation'?
Graduation is the term used to acknowledge that you have met your degree requirements and you have been approved by Senate to graduate from the program. Convocation refers to the ceremony where the Chancellor confers the degree.
Are you wondering what is the difference between ‘graduand’ and ‘graduate’?
Graduand is the term used to address a student who is about to graduate or receive a degree. A graduate is a student who has received a degree or diploma.
Where do I return my rented attire?
You must return all academic attire following the Convocation ceremony. The gowning company staff will be there to receive the returned academic attire.
Can I get my certificate now?
Degrees, Diplomas and certificates normally will not be awarded in advance of convocation ceremonies. You must do one of the following:
  • Attend your convocation ceremony
  • Pick your certificate up in person AFTER your convocation date
  • Request to have it mailed to you.
Early release: a degree, diploma or certificate may be released early at the discretion of the FTMS College Registrar. If the student demonstrates that the document is required by an employer or needed for a work visa.
Can you tell me if I am eligible to graduate?
To confirm your eligibility for graduation, please contact the Registrar FTMS College.
If I attend my Convocation ceremony, will I get my certificate there or will it be mailed to me?
Your certificate can be picked up in person from the college.If you cannot pick up your certificate in person:
  • You may authorize, by signed letter, another person to do so. The authorized person must present suitable photo identification.
  • You can request your certificate to be mailed to you.
If I have a guest with special needs whom do I contact?
If you have a guest with special needs, for example someone in a wheelchair, who will require additional arrangements at the ceremony, you must contact Mr. Taru at FTMS College. Please contact to make arrangements prior to 15th October 2017.
Do my guest need tickets for Convocation? Even small children?
You are entitled to one guest tickets for the convocation. Where applicable, a limited number of additional guest tickets may be available. A charge of RM 50 will be made for each additional ticket.Children who will require their own seat will require a ticket for the convocation ceremony. p.s. The age of said children must be 12 years old and above.
Are the ceremony videotaped or photographed?
At this time the ceremony is video. Photographs are permitted at the ceremony. A photography area is set up near the stage where parents and / or guest can take pictures of their graduate crossing the stage. Parents and/or guests are not allowed to stand there for the duration of the ceremony, but they are allowed to go to the area just prior to their graduate being called.
If I am not attending convocation, how do I receive my certificate? 
If you did not attend convocation, you can collect your certificate from the registrar’s office at the college.
How long is the ceremony?
The ceremony generally lasts for a maximum of 2 hours.
Can I park close by?
Car park is available at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).