General Admission Procedure For International Students

  1. Submissions of Documents
    • Please refer to the Application Procedures section for updated information
  2. Letter of Offer
    • Upon receiving the required documents, application fees and meeting the entry requirements, FTMS College will send the Conditional Offer Letter
  3. Await approvals from MOHE and Immigration Dept
    • FTMS College will submit the qualifications to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) for further approval. May require about one (1) week.
    • Upon approval by MOHE, the application will be sent to the Malaysian Immigration Department for the issuance of a Student Visa approval letter. May require another two (2) weeks.
    • Applications to the MOHE and Immigration Dept about 2 months before the intake date. Reason is because approvals are valid for only 2 months.
  4. Remit initial payment for fees
    • Upon approval of the Student Visa, student will be notified and the approval letter will be courier to the student by the counselor.
    • Arrangements for airport pickup can then be made for arrival in Malaysia.
    • As a pre-condition for airport pick up, student are require to settle their course fees as per instructed in the offer letter.
    • Please refer to the Payment Instuction page for details.

General Information

  1. The issuance of Student Visa Approval Letter by the Malaysian Immigration Department can take up to 2 month. Please take note that it is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigration Department to approve or reject any visa application.
  2. Students are responsible to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country regarding any special requirements or visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, the student may need to apply for a Single-Entry Visa to enter Malaysia, in order to avoid a fine or being turned away at the airport.
  3. Students from yellow fever endemic areas (e.g. Africa, Central and South America) are required to take the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia. The Medical Certificate will be verified by the Health & Quarantine officers at the Airport.