Principal’s Message

Dr. Sajilal Divakaran
Principal, FTMS College

Our continuing to maintain quality and standards in the delivery of educational programs in Malaysia is again recognised. We thank the MOHE for this recognition.


We congratulate both staff and students for their outstanding achievements which have contributed to our maintaining these high ratings. This recognition confirms our commitment to continuing excellence in all areas and the best preparation for our students to continue to be successful beyond our walls.


FTMS College Malaysia is pleased to announce it has been awarded the following ratings in the 2016/2017 MyQUEST evaluation by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.




General Programme  : 6 Star [Outstanding]
Science, Mathematics and Computing  : 6 Star [Outstanding]
Social Sciences, Business and Law  : 6 Star [Outstanding]
International Student Services  : 5 Star [Excellent]
College Based Category   : 4 Star [Very Good]

These results confirm FTMS's profile as one of the top colleges in Malaysia. This achievement will further raise the profile of FTMS, maintaining its position among the top colleges in Malaysia and providing a true reflection of the quality of education provided by the college.


The continuing commitment to quality education by FTMS is truly reflected in the attaining of the 6 and 5 star ratings. These also show FTMS commitment to meeting the Ministry of Education's high standards.


Even though FTMS has maintained these excellent ratings, FTMS remain deeply committed to continuing its efforts to further enhance excellence in all areas. FTMS will continue to give its best as it prepares students for future success in their education and in their future careers and employment.


FTMS is proud that the MyQUEST 6 Star ratings reaffirms the results of hard work, and will definitely be using this recognition as motivation to further improve. This achievement is yet another honour added to FTMS rich heritage and a testament to FTMS efforts in sustaining it reputation as a leader in education.

Achievements such as these are the result of the efforts and teamwork of staff, students, alumni and other partners to whom sincere thanks for their support is given. 



FTMS Business School

Within the Social Sciences, Business and Law cluster there were a total of 141 colleges rated. FTMS is pleased to inform that the Business School is one of the 10 colleges awarded 6 Star within this category.



FTMS Computing School

For those wishing to undertake a programme within computing, FTMS was again awarded 6 Star, one of the 10 colleges to achieve this rating from a total of 87 colleges evaluated within this cluster.



FTMS General Programmes

A total of 47 colleges were evaluated within the General Programmes cluster. FTMS was one of the 9 colleges awarded 6 Star for this cluster.



The results for the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges (MyQUEST) 2016/2017 have just been released. Held once every two years since 2011, this is the fourth time the evaluation exercise has been carried out.


This year, 336 of 398 private colleges registered with the higher education department to participate in this evaluation exercise. Of this total, 206 private colleges were granted a rating out of the 276 private colleges that qualified for auditing.


The system was developed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia, as an instrument to evaluate the current performance of private colleges in Malaysia in terms of students, programmes, graduates, resources and governance.


The MyQUEST evaluation system covers dimensions of input, process and output that emphasise five key criteria including student quality, resources quality, quality management system, programme recognition and graduate recognition.


A survey is conducted to the participating colleges in the MyQUEST for Private Colleges. The aim of the survey is to obtain students’ opinion and gain their feedback about their satisfaction with the teaching, learning process and the facilities provided by their colleges.


MyQUEST measures the following:


•The quality of higher education services of colleges (under college based category)
•The quality of programmes delivered at colleges (under cluster based category)

•The readiness of the colleges to recruit international students (under international student based category)