International Conference



6th International Scholarly Conference on Entrepreneurial Approaches to Information Systems, Business & Education

14 - 15th November 2018

ASCENT is an annual international conference organized by FTMS College. It started with a humble beginning in 2013 and is now entering its sixth year. In essence, it is organized as an effort to provide a platform and a forum for academicians and practitioners to discuss and present their works and research findings on extant issues and future trends related to business, IT and education.

This conference will enable you to gain;

  1. Awareness of the different entrepreneurial approaches adopted
  2. Insights of challenges and opportunities affecting business, IT and education and how organisations are addressing them through an entrepreneurial approach and other methods.
  3. Inside knowledge of opportunities available and changes that need to be made for organisations to develop policies with regards to doing business, nurturing innovations and creative talents and managing education to meet future talent