Papers must be of maximum 4,000 words in length and must be contained within 15 pages including tables and references. A title of not more than fifteen words should be provided. All papers must include an Abstract and conform to the following generic format:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Findings/discussion
  • Conclusion/implications
  • References

Please use the checklist provided below to ensure that your paper meets the requirements prior to publication. In case of noncompliance to these guidelines, your paper will be excluded from being published.

Please send us your paper in word format, not PDF files. Please download below template and type/ copy your paper in the appropriate template. Save it as different file by Author(s) name(s) as caption. In case of multiple papers, mention title of paper in the caption along with author(s) name(s).

Strictly follow the template. Editorial charges of RM 100 will be applied in case of submission of paper in any other format.


References should be completed and in Harvard style. They should contain full bibliographical details and journal titles should not be abbreviated. For multiple citations in the same year use a, b, c immediately following the year of publication.

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