A Scholarly Conference of Emerging Trends in Business, Computing & Education 2017 

The Impacts of Brexit, New American Presidency and The Oil Price Crisis on Business, IT Innovations and Creative Talents and Education Sectors of Developing Nations.


Brexit, the new American presidency and the current oil price crisis have profound impacts on developing nations. With the UK leaving the Union the future is uncertain. What is certain though is that British and EU nations will develop at different speeds. New immigration policies might mean restricted mobility of visitors to the UK and Europe and introduction of new policies by Britain and the EU nations may mean doing business with them will be different and more complicated. The President’s new ‘American First’ economic policies will mean greater outflow of investments by US companies from emerging economies back to the USA. Coupled with visitor profiling targeting Muslim nations, it will be harder for Muslim majority countries to do business or even travel to the US for business. Finally, the current crisis of falling of oil prices and its negative impacts on the Oil and Gas industry are affecting developments of many developing nations.

To many emerging economies like Malaysia, the immediate impact is the rising of US dollar which led businesses to suffer due to higher import costs. In addition, when those companies relocated away and back to the USA, they brought along their knowledge workers, creative talents and clients. As a result a developing country’s revenue from export trades suffer and in so doing, sucking the country into a vicious circle that negatively impacted its business sector especially the manufacturing, education and creative industries.

This conference will serve as a platform for discussions on issues related to Brexit, the American Presidency, the impact of the oil price crisis on emerging economies especially on their business, innovations in creative industries and education and in the role played by IT in theses events. It will be a forum for exchanges of ideas both by practitioners and academia.